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Gloss White Aluminum Sheet

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Gloss white aluminum sheet is a kind of painted aluminum sheet product with special surface coating treatment, and this process make the aluminum sheet present a high gloss white appearance.

Gloss white aluminum sheet is a kind of painted aluminum sheet product with special surface coating treatment, and this process make the aluminum sheet present a high gloss white appearance. The common thickness of gloss white aluminium sheet include 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm and so on. Different applications require the selection of different thicknesses of gloss white aluminum sheets. Common grades of white painted aluminum sheet include 3003, 3004 and 3105. Among them, the added element of 3003 aluminum grade is mainly manganese, which has good corrosion resistance and formability; 3004 aluminum grade adds a small amount of copper element on the basis of 3003 aluminum, which can enhance the strength and toughness of aluminum; 3105 aluminum grade adds magnesium element, which has higher strength and better corrosion resistance.

gloss white aluminum sheet

Here are some main features about gloss white aluminum sheet:

Super peeling degree:

High gloss white aluminum sheet has very high peeling strength, which makes it have high flatness and weather resistance.

Lightweight material: high-gloss white color coated aluminum panels are relatively lightweight and easy to handle and install.

Excellent fireproof performance:

Due to the flame retardant PE plastic core in the middle and the aluminum layer on both sides, the high-gloss white color coated aluminum sheet is a safe fireproof material.

Strong impact resistance:

High-gloss white painted aluminum sheets have high impact resistance and toughness, not easy to be damaged.

Super weather resistance:

Gloss white coated aluminum sheet are able to resist all kinds of harsh climatic conditions, such as wind and sand, acid rain, etc.

Easy maintenance:

Glossy white aluminium sheets are easy to clean and maintain, which can keep the appearance beautiful for a long time.

Good mechanical properties:

Gloss white color coated aluminum sheet is light in weight and high in strength, with good bending and bending strength.

Environmental protection and safety:

The fluorocarbon resin coating used in high gloss white painted aluminium sheet has a durable bonding force, which can resist erosion by wind, rain, industrial exhaust, acid rain, etc. for a long time, with a service life of more than twenty years.


High-gloss white aluminum sheets have a smooth surface and good color stability, which can meet the various color requirements needed for modern buildings.

Uses scope of gloss white aluminium sheet:

Architectural decoration:

High gloss white aluminum sheets are commonly used for indoor and outdoor walls, ceilings, partitions, doors and windows and other decorations, which are favored because of their good decorative and weather-resistant properties.

Billboard production:

High-gloss white coated aluminum sheets are very popular in the production of billboards due to their anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and oxidation-resistant features, which can withstand all kinds of harsh climatic conditions.

Body cargo box:

High-gloss white painted aluminum sheet can be made into a variety of colors and shapes, and easy maintenance, suitable for the production of trucks, containers and logistics vehicles and other container body.

Electronic and electrical appliances shell:

Gloss white aluminum sheet can be used as the shell of various electronic and electrical products, such as computers, cell phones, TVs, stereos, etc., which is highly favored because of its light weight, high strength, anticorrosion and durability.

Indoor furniture:

Gloss white color coated aluminum sheet is also one of the preferred materials for making bathroom walls, aisle decorations, indoor partitions and furniture and other decorations.

Traffic signs:

High-gloss white color coated aluminum is also used for traffic signs, such as highway entrance and exit signs, city guide signs, road warning signs and so on.

In short, gloss white aluminum sheet plays an important role in construction, advertising, transportation, electronic and electrical appliances and other fields due to its unique performance and wide range of applications.



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